Ban Snares

Snares are brutal. A snare is a thin loop of wire which tightens around the leg, body or neck of any animal that tries to pass through. Slicing into flesh, it can cut through to the bone. If tightened around an animal’s body, it can cause their stomach to rupture, or their lungs to collapse, resulting in suffocation.

Snares are indiscriminate. Most are set to catch foxes and rabbits but in actual fact, according to Defra's figures for 2012, of all the animals caught in snares, 33% are hares and 26% are badgers. 14% are classified as 'others' which includes deer and pets such as cats and dogs.

Animals at risk

Different parts of the country have different regulations, but in 21st century England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland it is still entirely legal to snare an animal.

They are mostly used in an attempt to catch foxes on shooting estates to ‘protect’ the millions of birds reared each year solely so they can be shot for sport.

It is time for snares to be banned throughout the UK.  

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We the undersigned call on elected representatives at all levels in the UK to ban the manufacture, sale and use of snares.

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