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Dear Ministry of Defence: Stop Licensing Fox Hunts

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) licences fox and hare hunts to operate on its land, under the guise of ‘trail’ hunting. Fox and hare hunting is against the law and trail hunting is nothing more than a smokescreen for animal cruelty.

Former Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace ignored thousands of emails from UK residents asking for this to stop. The only action he took was to rescind the information sharing agreement with the League Against Cruel Sports that allows for the monitoring hunting activity on MoD land, and to describe the charity and its supporters as thugs and bullies.

There was no evidence for him to rip up the agreement, and the League does not recognise his description of us and our supporters as having the least vestige or truth.

The information commissioner’s office is now investigating.

In the meantime, you can still help. Please email Grant Shapps, Mr Wallace’s successor as Secretary of State for Defence, at his constituency office to insist an end to government support for this cruel sport.

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