Make Gloucestershire hunting free

Make Gloucestershire hunting free

Do you live, work or study in Gloucestershire?

Take Action: Call on policy makers to make Gloucestershire hunting free.

Hunting with dogs is rife in Gloucestershire. According to League Against Cruel Sports Intelligence 17 different hunts are active in the county

For far too long, hunts have been free to carry on their brutal ‘sport’, no matter the cost to wildlife, pets and people.

The law is simply too weak to stop hunts chasing and blighting communities.

Exemptions and loopholes within the Hunting Act 2004 have been exploited by fox and hare hunts across Gloucestershire to allow for the continuation of hunting with dogs. 

It is time this cruel sport is banned for good

By taking action you are calling on policy makers in Gloucestershire to do everything in their power to make Gloucestershire hunting free.

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