We the undersigned are lovers of cool sports like football, cricket, rugby and all those that don’t involve animal cruelty. We hate cruel sports like trophy hunting.

UPDATE: Since the launch of this petition, Mr Kroenke appeared to swiftly U-turn, by announcing he was dropping trophy hunting from the channel, a move the League thanked him for. Disappointingly, our investigations over the days that followed, revealed the channel had pulled programmes showing the killing of iconic species such as elephants and lions, but that hunting for ‘sport’ of other animals such as black bear, deer and Cape buffalo, was still widespread across the channel.

We are calling on Stan Kroenke, owner of Arsenal FC, to cancel his plans to broadcast his Outdoor TV channel in the UK. Britain is a nation of animal lovers – we don’t want a channel showing horrific videos of animals being killed for ‘fun’.

Please Mr Kroenke, listen to the real sports fans – ditch this channel right now.


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