Stop the killing of animals by Hunts in the UK

Stop the killing of animals by Hunts in the UK

To the political leaders and landowners of the UK,

Animals are being killed in the UK countryside, and those responsible are getting away with it.

Despite hunting with dogs being banned in England, Wales and Scotland for more than 10 years, not to mention it still being legal in Northern Ireland, hunts are still killing wildlife.

Hunts have found many ways to circumvent the law and get away with killing wildlife. Whether through so-called ‘trail’ hunting, abusing exemptions in the law or exploiting legal loopholes, thousands of animals are being killed across the UK every year with impunity.  

This is not helped by landowners giving hunts access to land in order to carry out activities which could be cover for illegal hunting, or by legislation that is not strong enough tying the hands of law enforcement agencies.

All this combined means that hunts are carrying on with killing wildlife in the way they always have.

We, the undersigned, agree that the following needs to take place to stop our wildlife being killed by the hunts:

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