It's time to really ban hunting in Scotland

Sign the petition to 'really' ban fox hunting in Scotland

We all thought fox hunting was banned, but our courageous fieldworkers have exposed that this is not the case. Right now, hunts continue to exploit loopholes in the law.

With the aid of our filmed evidence and with 87%* of the Scottish public thinking that fox hunting should be illegal, Parliament have begun the process of strengthening the law by saying they wish to listen to the public about what they think should happen.

You can bring this figure to life by signing our petition; having your voice heard.

We urgently need your signature to ensure that:

1. the Government uphold their promises to 'really' ban fox hunting

2. the new legislation will not only close current gaps in the law, but also prevent future ones from arising

3. time is not wasted as Scotland's ten hunts are now out there once more in pursuit

Please sign the petition and help really ban fox hunting - for good.

*Research carried out by ScotPulse for Mark Diffley Consultancy December 2019.


Please note this petition is only available to residents in Scotland.

Anyone can respond directly to the Scottish Government's consultation here and express their opinion on why fox hunting needs to stop. Help today.

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The Parliamentary process to really ban fox hunting will take time and your help will be vital in ensuring that the Bill has the support it needs to pass all three stages of the process.

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