It's time to really ban hunting in Scotland


For the last four years, League Against Cruel Sports investigators have captured video evidence that fox hunting is carrying on in Scotland the same way that it always has.

Shockingly, mounted hunts are still using hounds to run down and tear apart foxes in the same way that they did when the Scottish Parliament passed laws intended to ban hunting in 2002.

The Scottish Government responded to our evidence by commissioning an independent review into fox hunting. The report published in November 2016 recommend that the law be cleaerer and stronger to protect our wild animals.

Despite pressure from the League it took almost two years for the Scottish Government to respond to Lord Bonomy's recommendations. In January this year the Minister for Rural Affairs and Natural Environment Mairi Gougeon MSP announced intentions to bring forward a Bill to strengthen current fox hunting legislation.

No right thinking person wants to see animals suffer the way a fox recently hunted in Kilbarchan suffered. Its autopsy showed that dogs tore into its flank, through its skin and muscle, exposing its lung. It has suffered "significant unnecessary suffering".

We have the evidence, an independent review has recommended the law be changed, and now we need the Scottish Government to change the law.

If you live in Scotland, please sign the petition to tell the Scottish Government that this cannot be allowed to continue in 21st century Scotland and that you want them to action now to stop the cruelty.

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