League Against Cruel Sports

Justice for Wildlife

What our investigators do:


Our investigations team receives intelligence through various channels, including our confidential Animal Crimewatch hotline. This resource allows them to gather detailed information such as:

  • Type of cruel sport report
  • Location of cruelty
  • Date of event
  • Source of information Photo/Videos

Plan and prepare

Without detailed planning and preparation, our chances of being able to record illegal cruel fighting activity decreases significantly. Each team must:

  • Conduct a risk assessment
  • Plan the route to be taken in the field
  • Test equipment
  • Plan meeting places


Investigating can be dangerous as it involves spending long hours observing the perpetrators.

To successfully capture the footage requires the investigating team:

  • Prepare surveillance equipment
  • Physical evidence is vital in prosecuting perpetrators
  • Duplicate any footage to avoid losing evidence through corruption of theft


To ensure a thorough case report is presented, the investigators:

  • Compile detailed maps, identification documents and timings of said incident
  • Duplicate the original SD cards and seal them in exhibit bags to prevent corruption
  • Hand over the file to the prosecuting body, safeguarding the file

#JusticeFor Wildlife

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