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Tell Reading University to end shooting on its land at Hall Farm.

The breeding and release of factory farmed 'game' birds onto Reading University land to be shot for 'sport' is totally unjustifiable.

'Game' bird shooting not only has a negative impact on the environment by driving out native wildlife but natural predators such as foxes, stoats, weasels and corvids are eradicated by gamekeepers and landowners by painful methods including traps, snares and the gun. This is to ensure as many pheasants and partridges as possible are available to be used simply as feathered targets by shooting parties.

The University of Reading must end 'game' bird shooting on its land by not renewing its lease at Hall Farm in February 2020. Reading is the last university in the United Kingdom where commercial shooting takes place and with your help we can end it.

Please take action and tell the university of Reading to end its part in this cruel, damaging practice and make this shooting season its last.


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