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Ask your MLAs to support a hunting ban in Northern Ireland

Fox and cub

The time to ban hunting in Northern Ireland has finally come. Hunting with dogs is barbaric and has no place in a modern and compassionate society. Yet it’s still legal here.

In a significant moment, legislation has now been formally introduced to the Northern Ireland Assembly which, if passed, will ban hunting wild animals with dogs, trail hunting and terrier work.

The next stage is for our politicians to debate the principles of a ban and whether it should go forward. We need to make sure that Members of the Legislative Assembly support the bill at its Second Stage. Hunting can only be banned with their – and your – support.

A ban on this barbaric ‘sport’ is within reach. We wouldn’t have got this far without the support of tens of thousands of you speaking up for wild animals. But we can only end this cruelty with a full ban on hunting with dogs and terrier work, free of exemptions and loopholes like ‘trail’ hunting.

Together we can make sure Northern Ireland leads the way in protecting foxes, deer and hares hunted for ‘sport’. Please email your MLAs today and urge them to support the hunting bill at its Second Stage.

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