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End Hunting on National Trust Land

Fox and cub


If you are a National Trust member you can now vote in its upcoming AGM to ban hunting on its land for good. Take the action and we’ll send you details within 24 hours, or if you just can’t wait, find details on our website.

For years the National Trust has licensed ‘trail’ hunting on its land. Hunts claim this is a legitimate activity, but if trail hunting is real, why are foxes still being hunted and killed? 

Explosive revelations contained within leaked Zoom webinars involving those at the heart of the fox hunting lobby appeared to reveal trail hunting is nothing but a “smokescreen” for the chasing and killing of foxes. 

In the wake of this, the National Trust commendably suspended all trail hunting licences. But it’s time for the National Trust to end hunting on its land for good. 


Please contact the Director General of the National Trust and ask that hunts are banned from using National Trust land. Permanently. 

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