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Enough is Enough, ASK YOUR MP TO Call on defra to STRENGTHEN THE HUNTING ACT 2004 and ban TRAIL HUNTING on Public Land

“In my judgement he was clearly encouraging the mirage of trail laying to act as a cover for old fashioned hunting.” – Judge Tan Ikram.

Hunting with hounds still goes on. Despite the ban, fox hunts, hare hunts and stag hunts in England and Wales have been hiding behind the smokescreen of ‘trail’ hunting to ride roughshod over the law for over 15 years.

Trail hunting is actively licensed on government land, including areas owned by the Ministry of Defence, with agreements even in place with the Masters of Foxhounds Association.

Enough is enough. Animals are being killed, people are being intimidated, land is being trespassed upon and the law is being broken. How much more will it take for the government to strengthen the Hunting Act and end this barbarity for good?

Please contact your MP and tell them enough is enough. Ask that they call on DEFRA for an immediate end to trail hunting on government land and to commit to strengthening the Hunting Act to end the cruelty of hunting for good.

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